Body Transitions Massage & Wellness offers you Swedish massages, Pre-natals massages, Deep Tissue massages, & Sport massages. Also, offering Muscle Testing & Quick Fixes. We’ll take the time to study your habits and determine what level of pressure, temperature, and motion is best suited for your body’s condition. 

What We Do

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Our massage office is small and cozy. We book by appointments only.

Charlla is the primary massage therapist. 


As a courtesy, not a requirement, we will send a text reminder or call prior to your scheduled massage.

• If cancellation is necessary, please give 24-hour notice. If you do not give notice you will be charged a $25 fee at your next appointment. Vouchers/Certificates will been redeemed to cover missed appointments. The 2nd time it happens and anytime thereafter, you are charged for the full price of the massage missed.  Emergency cancellations are determined at the practitioner’s discretion. •Sessions begin and end at scheduled times. If you arrive late, you will lose that time off your session and will still be charged full price. • If you have a cold, flu, sore throat, stomach virus, poison ivy, skin rash, anything contagious please reschedule your appointment. • Please do not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs because massage can be dangerous to you under these conditions.
• Clients must provide a health history and update when necessary. • Payment is expected at the time service is rendered. • Sexual harassment is not tolerated. • If the practitioner’s safety feels compromised, the session is stopped immediately. • Please shower prior to your session as clean skin is easier to work on. • Do not eat a heavy meal less than two hours prior to the treatment. • Wear loose or comfortable clothes.